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Gautier Abadie is a

FILM composer 

who also writes 



Originally from France, Gautier began his career with scoring short films, feature films and documentaries that received numerous awards. After pursuing film scoring studies at The Juilliard School, he obtained a Bachelor of Music in Musicology at the Toulouse University and Master of Fine Arts in Music Composition at the Vermont College Of Fine Arts. 

Now established in New York, Gautier has worked for Netflix, Saban Entertainment, Zag Entertainment and Noam Kaniel. Over the years, he has co-composed for such shows as Miraculous Ladybug, Power Rangers and Ghost Force. His extensive experience in film scoring gave him the opportunity to work with awarded-directors and to produce singers for Britain’s Got Talent. Gautier’s credits also include original scores for several video-games. His music has been played in numerous venues and festivals such as Sundance Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival, Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival and the Royal Albert Hall.


In addition his work for visual media, Gautier is also developing his career as a concert music composer. Mostly consisting of chamber music pieces, his growing and diverse music catalog was performed by prominent ensembles such as The City Of Tomorrow, Invoke, Loadbang, Kite Quartet, or Kylwyria.

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